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Adriatic Village beach resort offers the opportunity to hold your business event near the sea by providing a unique and fascinating experience that stimulates the senses for all participants.

The beach is an ideal place for team building activities. These activities promote a positive and fun environment, stimulating everyone's participation and involvement.

Meetings and/or gatherings of several people to discuss issues or share topics, all in dedicated spaces in our facility with specific areas set aside for speakers and areas set aside for the stationing of the viewing public.

Activities to be carried out in our village and functional for the promotion of a brand rather than a product/brand/company. All according to the rules discliplining the subject and with the possibility of reserving the whole location or only a
part of it.

Real moments of celebration, with all-inclusive services, to celebrate an anniversary, a special event or just to end a hard day's work in the best way!

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